Thursday, 9 October 2014

Brain Sharper will AMAZE You!!

Brain Sharper will amaze you with its technology and training. It uses advanced technology to conduct brain activation workshops that include Super Brain Training to develop your child’s bran and bring it to the next level. Its all about being smart and alert which this training effectively provides the platform for.

At Brain Sharper, we have a dedicated team that caters to the essential training needs and workshops for your child which includes use sound technology for brain training, Mind management techniques, Super sensory training, Memory improvement and super sensory reading. All the workshops and training techniques are carried out in a light environment accompanied with various fun filled learning activities for practice.

Looking for the Genius in your Child? No more waiting… because Brain Sharper is here!!
Visit our centre and experience the changes with your own eyes that can change your child’s life. You can also call us or email us. Our contact information is given below.

Contact Name:- Aditya Nagpal


Phone No.:-098 73 219889

Address:- F17-175/175, Basement, Sector 8, Rohini , New Delhi, India 110085 


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